Dragon Prince NFT – An Enticing Investment from Journey on the West NFT Novel

Attention, NFT investors! Prepare to be enthralled by Dragon Prince NFT, a remarkable digital asset inspired by the prominent character from the classic Chinese novel, Journey on the West.

Taking NFT market to the next level, Dragon Prince NFT offers an unparalleled blend of intrigue, creativity, and Canadian appeal, making it the perfect investment for those seeking a unique and captivating experience.

Who is Ao Lie in the Journey on the West NFT Novel?

Ao Lie, the Dragon Prince, is a compelling character in the celebrated Journey on the West NFT Novel. As the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea, Ao Lie is a powerful and valiant warrior who embarks on an extraordinary adventure with the Monk Xuanzang and his disciples.

His undeniable charm makes Ao Lie a captivating figure in the NFT world, drawing investors who appreciate the combination of traditional Chinese mythology and modern blockchain technology.

He used to be the third son of Jade Dragon, King of the West Sea (x hi lóng wáng yù lóng). He was sentenced to death for torching a sacred temple and destroying a valuable pearl bestowed upon them by Jade Emperor (yù d). This character’s name is rarely mentioned in the novel (something to do with the fact that he is constantly in horse form, obviously).

The author describes him as a ‘white horse’ in horse form. He is known as the ‘little dragon’ or ‘little dragon king’ in dragon/human form.

How did Prince Dragon appear in the story?

Ao Lie came across Tang Sanzang and Monkey King arguing while crossing a bridge. He has since accompanied Tang Sanzang and Monkey King on their Journey, occasionally assuming the form of a horse for Great Monk. Ao Lie and the other pilgrims discovered the Samadhi Fire one day.

The pilgrims extinguished Red Son’s fire and placed it in the three Rings of Samadhi, assisted by Ne Zha and the Demon Bull King. However, a small fragment was transferred into Ao Lie instead of one of the rings while extracting the Samadhi Fire.

Transformation of the Dragon Prince

Ao Lie is a young woman with long white hair, two green streaks, green eyes, and round green brows. His hair is partially pulled back in a bun. He’s dressed in a white hanfu with a gold collar and a green belt. In addition, he is dressed in a spring green cloak with a green hoof design on the sleeves.


Ao Lie is a white horse with a black mane, black hooves, and a red collar with numerous black wool strings.

Dracokinesis – Ao Lie, like all members of the Dragon Clan from his bloodline, possesses dragon traits and can surround himself with draconic green energy. He can transform between human and dragon forms at will.

What Role Does Ao Lie’s Character Play in Making the Best NFT?

Dragon Prince NFT’s exceptional qualities set it apart from other digital assets, making it a top-tier investment opportunity. As a character with a rich backstory steeped in Chinese cultural heritage, Dragon Prince NFT offers an unmatched emotional appeal in the NFT market.

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What Does Ao Lie Symbolize?

Ao Lie in Journey on the West NFT symbolizes strength, valor, and transformation – values that resonate deeply with Canadian investors. The Dragon Prince NFT represents these values, allowing investors to become part of a story that transcends time and cultural boundaries.

The Most Potential NFT for NFT Investors

Investing in Dragon Prince NFT is a smart choice for those looking to capitalize on a digital asset with immense potential. With its rich cultural background, captivating story, and strong Canadian appeal, Dragon Prince NFT is poised for remarkable growth and success.

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